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Introduction to Aspire CSR

AspireCSR is a not-for-profit organisation which is dedicated to providing participating Football Clubs with a platform to deliver CSR activities and measure their overall Social Value commitments.

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University of South Florida
Borussia Dortmund

Our Social Value Framework

It provides an action plan for developing sustainability within
Football Clubs, as well as providing a framework for measuring, communicating and reporting progress. It also provides a platform to encourage forward thinking, enabling emerging issues to be identified and their potential Social Value assessed.

Through our Free Scoping Review, our experts will help you
determine the best approach to ensure that your Club not only
delivers your CSR aspirations but also benefit from advice on the most cost effective and appropriate social value driven initiatives.

Football Clubs

Football is about passion, emotion and excitement. But football is also all about accepting social responsibility. Football Clubs are a focal point for public and community interest. Through AspireCSR it is our intention to use this high level of public interest to play an active role in order to support clubs with their social responsibility aspirations for communities, released young players, fans and the environment.

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The Process

The AspireCSR team will help guide you through the process of capturing existing CSR commitments, how to measure their Social Value and if necessary develop and a framework for future CSR and community aspirations.

Through the AspireCSR website we promote your achievements on our CSR dashboard and provide case studies on good CSR practices.

Working in collaboration with businesses and corporate sponsors we stimulate support aligned to sponsors brand values and your CSR commitments.

See our 4 Stage process below.

(Clubs may choose to undertake any of the Stages starting at Stage 1)

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St Louis University

Stuttgart FC

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Levels


For Clubs that embed CSR and have delivered a high degree of Community and Sustainability Outcomes against a Strategy or Action Plan. Organisations that are able to measure the Social Value produced and the impact their interventions have on society. Organisations that are innovative and delivering sustainability across a range of areas including – Communities, Environment, People & Marketplace.


For Clubs that understand their CSR responsibility and routinely deliver community outcomes. They are consistently striving to improve on existing measures. Opportunities exist to improve
Social Value through a proper Strategy and Action Plan. They challenge, staff, stakeholders and partners to embrace CSR opportunities. The focus should be building upon good practice, measuring success and widening scope to deliver a range of CSR measures.


This category is for clubs that recognise the importance of their role in the community, society and the opportunities to deliver sustainable outcomes. It is accepted that improvements here will be incremental and initially of low overall Social Economic Impact. However the opportunity for creating an Action Plan is present and may just focus on community programmes.

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Clemson University

Bolton Wanderers

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